I’ve decided to write a quickie prequel for the Autumn Animalia series about the bond between Layla Warden (Lex and Tracy’s sister) and her mate Sid – and their Tri Bond, heh.

I just decided this yesterday and I need to get moving on it and get it written and submitted ASAP! But I just thought I’d let you all know it was coming because I’ve gotten like thirty emails about it, asking if I wrote about them elsewhere or if I planned to. So ask and you shall receive! (well, if they contract it that is)

Oh and I’m up to 20K words on Threat of Darkness (Jayce and Mei’s book) and I hope to be finished (or rather, I promised to be finished) by the end of June. SO, I’m gonna be a very busy girl! I’d forgotten how much I liked Jayce and all that red hair and the warrior’s braids. Yum. Celts. Yum. Fae. Yum.

My husband made lattes before he left for work (I do love that man) but he left his here in his rush to get out the door. So I’m drinking it now alongside my chai. Course I’ll need the energy because my oldest is home from school today and the fighting between him and his brother has already started and I’m pretending to ignore most of it. Sigh. And their sister is scolding them. My husband said, “she’s bossy.” I blame him, cause I am sweetness and light. (bwah!)

How is everyone’s Friday so far?

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  1. Crystal Jordan
    May 26th, 2006 at 9:38 am · Link

    It’s going well because I get to NOT be at work for the next three days. I really love my job today can you tell? My laptop died, which just makes working a pain in the patooty.

    Yay warrior braids! Bring it on.