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Smart Bitches ask about the lack of mothers or positive mother/daughter relationships in romance novels. Anya Bast does at her loop as well.

Yeah, I do see a lack of positive mother/daughter relationships in many books. One thing though, people complain when you put them in too. In a review of Touch of Fae, the reviewer took issue with the fact that there wasn’t enough family drama (although, to be honest, HELLO, the book is about a woman trying to assert her indivduality in a family of strong women, she just did it without a lot of drama). Anyway, the Charvez women have a great relationship with each other and their mothers and grandmothers.

And in Giving Chase, Maggie has a strained relationship with her mother and sister but Polly Chase, Kyle’s mother, is wonderful and supportive and becomes a surrogate mother figure in her life.

It’s hard to write family relationships that don’t sound overly dramatic, pollyannaish or just boring. And mother daughter relationships are so complicated!

From Booksquare, a link to an NYT article about literary friendships. I’m fortunate in this way. It’s incredibly special to have friends who go through what you do and who can support you and understand you enough to also kick your ass when you’re being pissy. I love to hang out with other writers, it’s a wonderful thing. And my friendship with the other Mavericks has turned into something really unique and wonderful. It’s not fragile at all, btw, but none of us is. Anyway, the article linked (about a book about author friendships) is interesting. I may come back to this later this week but i have a doctor’s appointment and lunch to make so I’ll be off for now.

Behave yourselves while I’m gone, please. Sheesh.

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