Lucky Me!

Today I spent an hour at the Samhain Cafe (well longer than that actually) hanging out with Charlene Teglia and several other Samhellions as well as some really fun readers.

One thing i’ve never gotten over is the amazement I feel when I get to talk one on one to people whose books I read. I mean, I’m doing a booksiging with Chari next Sunday and dude if you haven’t read her books, you definitely should! She and I were noobs at the same time and I just think she’s a great writer and a really nice person too. And NJ Walters, okay, I remember back when I hadn’t even subbed Triad, I read her at the EC chat board and thought, there is no way she’s really that nice. But you know what? She totally is. NJ Walters is a genuinely nice person who also happens to be really talented.

And there are still times when say, Jaci Burton congratulated me on somethng recently (I can’t remember what) that I get all, “OMG! JACI BURTON!! OMG!” LOL, of course I try to be all cool about it but it’s freaking JACI BURTON!

Anyway, one of the coolest things about this writing gig is just how wonderful most of my fellow authors are. Like Daisy Dexter Dobbs – people, she got a less than wonderful review and her response was so classy and creative and fun that she took lemons and made pie and lemonade and a bunch of new fans. She’s hilarious and her books are fab too.

I was telling Sasha White how when I saw her first comment here I was like, “SASHA WHITE COMMENTED HERE!” because I’d read her erotica and loved it. And I’m glad to be surrounded by such wonderfully talented people.

And look how Rene Lyons came over to my Myspace page and commented about my time today at the Samhain Cafe – how lovely that was! That kind of support is priceless and I appreciate it so much.

There are more authors like Anya Bast and Megan Hart who yeah, are my really good friends but damn people, you should read them both because they are GOOD.

Oh, but none of what we do would be possible without the readers. Sure, I can hang out and talk about books for an hour on a Saturday morning, I mean, aside from it being fun, I’m talking about my book. But that readers spend their valuable time to bother hanging out with us? To send notes and make comments about our books? It’s so special and it still doesn’t feel quite real when I hear from someone who’s read one of my books (and who isn’t my mom). How special are my readers who give of their time and presence just to hang out and be sure I’m not talking to an empty room?

Dude, I’m a lucky, lucky woman.

2 comments to “Lucky Me!”

  1. Charlene Teglia
    May 6th, 2006 at 5:29 pm · Link

    Lauren, I had a great time, too! What a good turnout for the first author day at Samhain, I’m very pleased.

    I had to check my calendar because I didn’t think the signing was that close; it’s the 21st! Whew. I still have time to fix my hair. *g*

  2. Sasha
    May 7th, 2006 at 8:17 am · Link

    I had a great time at the chat yesterday! Samhain is full of wonderful people, readers, writers editors and everything!!

    We all feel that way about each other, and I think thats one of the things that makes us stay real. We’re readers/fans as well as writers.