Whew, The Dam Broke!

Well, as interesting as the world of bizarre celebrity behavior and reality television is, I got back to writing last night. I’d had a bit of a block from stress and just I think being generally fried with the completion of several big projects. I panicked at first but my very wise husband said, “don’t let this not be a joyful thing. Just relax, read and watch tv and it’ll come back.”

And it did. Last night I got back to Sword and Crown, which I opened every day for the past week and a half and just stared at, unable to connect with Rhea at all. But last night I was able to see through her eyes again and I got some good work done. Whew!

This is good of course as I have a June 1 deadline for the whole manuscript and they named the series “Torrid Tarot” and are designing covers for the stories already contracted (that would be me). I can’t wait to see what they come up with. The Queen of Swords is such a great card!

While having this mini vacation I finished several books in my TBR pile:

Micah by LKH – here’s the thing, it got a 2 from Mrs. Giggles and I think that’s grossly unfair. Not because it was that wondeful of a book but it wasn’t a 2. It wasn’t a bad book, not really. It’s just that I get tired of Anita never growing. I do however like her men a lot and think they should all be MY harem.

Don’t Look Down by Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer – I wrote a review of it a week back or so here. I liked it!

I re-read Lover Eternal by JR Ward. I have kinder feelings than I did the first time around. I really love JR Ward’s worldbuilding. I love the heroes (except for the hip hop speak, which grates – I don’t want to hear a 400 year old warrior vamp say “true dat” not ever). Some folks said they didn’t feel the chemistry between Mary and Rhage, I saw it. I like Rhage. I am REALLY looking forward to the next book because Zhadist and Bella had chemistry enough for twelve city blocks. And okay, so I have a weak spot for tortured heroes. I know some people have said she’s ripping off Kenyon but I don’t agree. Yes, there are similarities but you know what? Sherrilyn Kenyon is sort of the queen of paranormal romance fiction. It’s impossible not to have some similarities but truly, I think Ward did her own work. However, Mary drove me nuts! Everyone else, I dug.

Urban Shaman by CE Murphy – I quickly read this book last June but I re-read it this week and now I have to get the next one. Because it’s a wonderful book and rich in detail and imagery and a truly amazing heroine. If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

Movie wise – I finally saw the Village. It was entertaining. I know people like to hate on Shamalan but I was seriously creeped out and as I’m apparently the only person on planet earth that didn’t know the twist, it did catch me by surprise. A nice Saturday afternoon movie.

I also caught up on all the past episodes of Top Chef that I missed. I love that show and I heard they have a second season planned! Yay!!

So this weekend it’s author photos and family pictures (dang, I have to do my roots today!) More writing, time with the family and brunch with several of my girlfriends that I haven’t seen in ages!

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