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Hump Day Blather

Let’s see, what exciting stuff do I have to share with y’all? Hmm. Oh! I totally added a past fling with the pirate guy from Thunder from Down Under in Goddess With a Blade! I didn’t use his name or anything but heh, he certainly inspired part of the book so I had to give credit where it was due. I named the vampire lord actor dude at my version of the vampire theatre, Marv. It makes me giggle. I also used the poodle line because I like to think I’m clever. It’s really lucky for me that you all tolerate me.

Oh and in news that makes me blush, I actually watched the Flavor Of Love “Reunion” show this last weekend. Oh. My. Listen I have to say that the entire staff of VH1 as well as me and anyone else involved in the making or watching of this show should be embarassed. It’s the worst kind of entertainment and I could not tear my eyes away for a moment.

Flav actually looked pretty okay except for the gold teeth, which I will never for the life of me understand the attraction of because it looks awful and uncomfortable. But anyway, again with the digress – moving on.

Of course you must know they brought back all the “contestants” and showed how they all ratted each other out and every gross open mouthed kiss by Flav where he just dived into their mouths. Eeek! Oh and all the fights. And I really hate the phrase “cat fight” puhleeze. Are these women angry pussies? Nah, they’re just skanky chicks looking to make a career out of something and lucky for them reality TV is their playground.

There was big time cooch shot action by “Hottie” and a lot of standing up and holding back of hair and yelling. Not sure about the hair thing, that’s what I do when I’m gonna hurl. And don’t think I wasn’t looking at that wastebasket and glad my hair was in a pony tail because all these women proclaiming love for a total stranger wearing a giant clock around his neck made me all queasy. I kept hearing Megan yell at me, “GET IT IN THE CAN!”

But of course, I really watched to see the Pumpkin/New York showdown. Pumpkin outskanks anyone in the cast, which is a monumental achievment I must admit considering these women. So there was more hair holding back by NY and some odd body movement stuff and she jumped at Pumpkin (who needs to DO HER ROOTS! Jeez, she’s going on TV, do your damn roots!) several times and Pumpkin, bless her slutty little heart, ran to hide behind the other women on several occasions.

All of these women kept delivering insults to each other about llooking like a tranny. And you know, I think transvestites have more self respect than hoochies who are past the pull by date at 23. Oooh, did I just say that? I think I did!

And surprise, things didn’t really work out between Hoopz and Flav. I was shocked I tell you, shocked! But they’re best friends apparently and he totally gave her one of those kisses when she walked on stage which had me going for a bit (and not in a good way, hurk hurk).

So…wait for it…they’re doing another season! Bwah! Oh television gold.

You see, I’m sure you all imagine I sit around and read Proust but instead after a day with my kids, I’m only able to watch crap on TV. Well, not literally but I wouldn’t put it past Fox for next season.

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  1. icia01
    April 5th, 2006 at 7:11 pm · Link

    Hi there

  2. Lauren Dane
    April 6th, 2006 at 8:57 am · Link

    Hmm, that’s odd! I checked it on both my desktop and laptop and in IE and NS and didn’t have a problem. I wonder if it’s a momentary glitch?

    Thanks for letting me know, Icia!

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