Let's Talk About Sex (baby)

I write sex. Yep. No mistaking what I do. Of course, I write more than just sex, I write books that have stories about other things sprinkled with a liberal dose of sex. And life should be like that. Good sex in books is like chocolate without calories.

Anyway, before I go off to my happy place thinking about oodles of chocolate and lots of sex (at the same time even!) – back to the subject.

Sex is a good thing. It’s healthy and wonderful. Of course that lies within a context. Being dominated in a consentual environment is really hot. Being dominated by a man who just wants to abuse his partner is not. The differences sometimes are slight but it’s my job as a writer, to make them clear.

My characters aren’t real, but even if they’re werewolves or Faeries, they should have some basis in reality. In A Touch of Fae, Em is a virgin when she meets Con. Not because she was afraid of sex, but because she’s an empath and can feel what people feel about her and it’s made her skittish. Anyway, when they have dirty/bad/wrong sex for the first time, he’s upset because she didn’t tell him she was a virgin and he was afraid he’d hurt her. He puts her in a bath to soak and they don’t have intercourse again right away because, hello! you get sore after that first time.

When/if my characters have kiddos, they aren’t furniture. Having kids means your sex life is tailored to their schedules and it means you have LOCKS on your doors!

Anal – oh I’m gonna skip the buttsecks comments. You know, let’s keep it real people, but not too real.

Anyway, I want to portray sex in my books as healthy and fun as well as hot. As something that connects my characters to each other. And hopefully I do that.

On a related note – apparently Sharon Stone approached some teenaged girl in a clothing store and when her mother walked away, she told the girl that having oral sex was much healthier for her than intercourse at her age. This was her idea of help. I think Sharon needs help. There are lines, people! Sheesh.

PPS – I’m dying from laughter because some of the Real World people have myspace pages. My stomach aches from snickering.

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