Brain Dump

Got a release date for Giving Chase!! June 27!! Wheee! Samhain has their shit together and they’re very on the ball and I really appreciate that. I’ve updated my website and I’ll be putting an excerpt up soon.

Wrote about hooks and blurbs and covers at the Writer Babes blog earlier today. Check it out, respond if you feel the whim. It’s always good for authors to know what inspires readers to pick up books from authors they’ve never heard of or books they aren’t sure about.

I’m reading J. R. Ward’s vampires. Dark Lover. Clever, unique twist on a vampire tale. I like her universe very much. Love the uber dominant vampire who is bad to the bone. The names of the characters? Not so much. Wrath I can deal with, but Phury? Rhage? Thorment? It pulls me out of the richness of the landscape each time I come across it on the page. I’m hoping to get used to it soon. I really like the heroine as well.

Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith the other night. Dude. First of all, I don’t usually have a thing for blond men. I like dark hair and eyes but what is it about Brad Pitt anyway? Each time I think, “eh, I could take him or leave him” I see him in something and he makes me all tingly in my naughty bits. Doesn’t hurt that Angela has the same effect. The movie wasn’t what I expected. I like that actually. I rarely get surprised by anything anymore. It wasn’t stellar, but I was entertained. Maybe it was just me, but those love scenes looked pretty real to me.

Now I’m babbling. I need to make lunch and get back to my galley edits. Have a good Sunday!


2 comments to “Brain Dump”

  1. Kate R
    March 12th, 2006 at 7:19 pm · Link

    wow, it really is a nice blog. You guys are right about those croc people.

    Kate, who found you via Samhain

  2. Lauren Dane
    March 13th, 2006 at 9:11 am · Link

    Hi Kate! Thanks, I have to agree, Frauke and Croco are really wonderful and I’m absolutely thrilled with the job they did here.