Thankful Thursday and Assorted Squee

First of all, I write this as the new Pearl Jam single is playing. Worldwide Suicide available for FREE download at their website for their fans. Ahhh. I like it. No, I love it. Ed’s voice sounds marvelous and I’m digging the hook. Yes, up front I am a fan, a big fan and I’ll be buying the new CD when it drops on May 2. Sadly I won’t be doing any of the first tour dates on the East Coast in May though, le sigh, they need to give a girl a bit more notice.

In actual writing news (shocking!) I sent my contract off today for Sudden Desire. Why yes, a new title in less than two days. I am happy enough with it. Not as happy as I was with Unexpected but you can’t always get what you want and fer cripes’ sake, I just sold a book so I need to not complain (not that I will you see, but I know I should)

I got back to work on my fantasy themed, Sword and Crown last night. The ever wonderful Anya Bast and I are linking our stories, a first for me. This is for a tarot themed series Ellora’s Cave is doing next year. My book/novella is themed on the Queen of Swords. I’d felt really stuck but I cut some stuff and took some suggestions that Anya gave me and last night I moved around some text cut some backstory and it’s much smoother now. In any case, I’ve almost got enough to send my proposal to my editor, which will be a relief (to Anya too, I’d wager)

Thankful Thursday:

  • Selling another book! There are days when I wonder if I can keep this up, if the successes before are a fluke and then something happens to let me know this is real and if I keep working I can do it long term. This makes me very happy and very very grateful.
  • Great reviews for Sleight of Hand.
  • A most wonderful husband who loves me and takes care of me and puts up with me when I’m editing.
  • Happy and healthy kids
  • Friends. I am the luckiest woman in the world in my friends.
  • Snow. It’s snowing here today. It won’t stick or last but it’s so beautiful.
  • Great books. I’ve read several excellent books recently (and blogged on them)
  • Perhaps an agent
  • The perfect little black dress
  • Vegas

That’s it for now. A good list, if I do say so myself.

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