Day After Blather

Yesterday’s simultaneous loop parties were fabulous! It was slightly dizzying keeping track of everything and there was a glitch in the download system at Whispers but all appears to be okay today.

My brain is still fried today but I did write last night anyway and edit a bit too. I also started and finished Alison Kent’s, The Beach Alibi, which was delightfully smutty and entertaining. I like Kelly John a lot and Emma is a wonderful sexy heroine. Alison is one of my favorite romance authors out there because she writes sex with such zeal and joy. She pushes the boundaries in an authentic way. Her scenes are not forced or silly, they’re sexy and they fit well with her characters.

Wow, March already. Sigh. The time is flying by this year. I’m going to Las Vegas with my bestest girlfriends in two weeks for a mini writing retreat. I can’t wait to write all day without interruption. There will be pictures. Heh.

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