Best and Worst of 2005

My wonderful friend JP, who runs an equally wonderful forum at Delphi, asked her readers these questions and I thought they were some good ones and I stole them to ask you all here

Favorite book of 2005?

Favorite author of 2005?

Favorite new or “new to you” author of 2005?

Favorite hero of 2005?

Favorite heroine of 2005?

Favorite plot of 2005?

Favorite secondary characters of 2005 (may they get sequels!)?

Most romantic moment in a 2005 book?

Best villain of 2005?

Worst book of 2005?

Most annoying hero of 2005?

Most irritating heroine of 2005?

Secondary characters you could have done without in 2005?

Were there any secondary characters whom you liked more than the hero and heroine in 2005?

Most bothersome plot device of 2005?

Hottest moment in a 2005 book?

Most over-hyped book of 2005?

Overall, would you rate 2005 as a good year for romance?

Finally, what was your favorite NON-romance of 2005 and why?

    3 comments to “Best and Worst of 2005”

    1. tvaddictgurl
      January 12th, 2006 at 7:43 pm · Link

      I wish I could give good answers to your questions but my sphere of romance novels is limited to the EC novels that I started reading this year. Before 2005 I don’t think I had ever read anything that qualified as romance before.

    2. Lauren Dane
      January 13th, 2006 at 12:18 pm · Link

      I have so many favorites that it’s always hard to say, plus I read things that may not have come out in 2005 but might be older.

      But as always, my favorite hero is Roarke from JD Robb’s, In Death books and Eve is probably my favorite heroine.

      I do have my irritating books and the most awful book of 2005 was an ebook that had rape in the plot and the supposed heroine THANKED the asshole who raped her. It agitates me to this day and I’ll never read or buy another book from that author again.

      Bothersome plot devices to me are the ones that some people seem to be crying for now. Whiny, weak heroines who wait to be saved. Alphas who are really just assholes. Stupid heroines that make you want them to get killed. Secret babies, marriages of convenience, men who say unforgiveable things to the heroine (any useage of slut just drives me batshit)

      Non romance favorites would include: Richard Morgan’s, Broken Angels and Market Forces, Jasper Fforde’s, The Eyre Affair and Virgina Swift’s, Bye Bye Love.

    3. tvaddictgurl
      January 17th, 2006 at 11:31 am · Link

      I hate whiny heroines too. I’m reading a book now where I love the hero but the heroine really bugs me. I’m trying to decide how badly I want to finish the book.