Heard and Read

Finished Grave Sight night before last. It was amusing and I enjoyed it. I did figure out the ending, including the twist, by about 100 pages in, but I truly love Harris’ characters and I’ll definitely be looking into the next books in this series.

Listening to: American Idiot – Green Day still is on my regular play list along with Warning and Dookie. Green Day used to be this fun little punk pop band but they’ve matured and become relevant in a way so few bands become. AI is an excellent record, probably in my top 10 of all time.

Sleater Kinney – The Woods. G*DDAMM I love this record. Love it love it love it. If you like to see live music, try and check them out if they’re in your town, they’re amazing live.

Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane. It’s an old one, but hey, it’s a record all about sex and romance both wonderful and failed. I love that.

Clamm Bon – Japanese jazz pop. I’ve never heard anything like it and I love it. It’s perfect to write with because the lyrics are in Japanese and they don’t catch me when I’m working.

Some oldies – Ministry’s Psalm 69 and NIN, the Downward Spiral

Oh, loop party at the Maverick Author loop on Thursday, don’t miss it

2 comments to “Heard and Read”

  1. Collette
    January 10th, 2006 at 5:37 pm · Link

    Man, I was slightly pouty all day because I thought the loop party was TUESDAY not Thursday and I hadn’t signed up for the digest and I couldn’t get on the loop at work and you were all having fun without me and no one liked me and there’s nothing but boys at work and they drive me nuts and work is boring and would have been so much better if I’d just been able to follow along with the loop party…sigh.
    I’m quite happy that list day is Thursday!

  2. Lauren Dane
    January 10th, 2006 at 6:12 pm · Link

    LOL!! Well good, I’m glad we saved you from being pouty.