Monday And An Update

Cascadia Wolves: Rebel

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As you can see, I’m cookin! I’m really finding myself going in a direction I hadn’t really planned on but I like it. It’s making for more angst than I normally write in my books but Tracy is the kind of heroine who will tear a throat out if someone threatens what’s hers.

Thing is, when I write a menage, I try to make it realistic. It would be complicated, people don’t share their mates without a lot of compromise and some stress and things to work out. I know people in poly relationships and none of them are “easy” – it takes work and I think it’s important that each book shows that. So I’m doing that.

For me, one of my chief issues with romance is that some romance novels are totally unrealistic. And yes, I realize that I write about werewolves, but by unrealistic I mean that the happily ever after is often something that doesn’t take ongoing work. And being in a working relationship does take work.

This doesn’t mean that I have to write about beard hair in the sink or diry socks, but as a writer, I want to try and shine a bit of real world into my books. Being in love is easy, staying there is hard.

One comment to “Monday And An Update”

  1. Lili G
    December 27th, 2005 at 6:08 am · Link

    It really is, very, very hard to share someone you love with another person. Whether for work or play, and even if you’re confident in their feelings for you, that little tingly ‘what if’ always runs down your spine. It’s very difficult.