New Stuff A Brewin!

Today is newsletter day so if you haven’t already signed up for your very own issue of Vixenwriter, please do! It’s easy and free and all you need to do is head on over to join at this link. The next installment in The Dogs of LA, my werewolf soap opera will be in it.

I just finished my last edits on my novella, Sleight of Hand and sent it off. If they like it, I’ll be telling you more about it soon.

There’s something new coming from me and 14 other erotic romance authors – Night Whispers is coming very soon so keep an eye out! In the mean time you can check out our blog to see what we’re up to.

I’m having a party at my loop on Monday the 19th where I’ll be unveiling excerpts from Enforcer, Dark Justice and Sleight of Hand as well as giving away great prizes. Don’t miss it!

There’s a new “Between The Sheets” out today from the Writer Babes! Go on and give it a look!

Oh and one last bit, Monday is the day when my installment in the round robin story we’ve been writing at the Maverick Author loop goes up. It is high time someone had sex. I’m just sayin.

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