Okay So I'm A Wuss, I Admit It

Last night was the night for our Brokeback Mountain passes. I bundled up, expecting the usual process which is that you go and show your winner’s postcard to the person in the box office and they cross your name off a list and give you a real ticket and then you go on your merry way and eat dinner before the movie.

But was this the way they did it last night? No.

I got there at 5 for a 7 o clock showing and there was already a line. I went to the box office and this is an approximation of the conversation:

Me – “Hi, I have this card…”

Dude behind glass who has had to stop his animated conversation with his co-workers and looks pained to have to be dealing with anyone other than them. He interrupts me “The line is right there.”

Me “Yes, I can see that. Do you not…”

Dude “The line is right there.”

I sigh. “I’m not a simpleton, I can see that. What I’m trying to ask is if you’re going to do an exchange for this card,” I hold it up, “for an actual ticket. Or if you’re going to make us wait until 7.”

“That’s your ticket.” To his credit, he does look chastened a tiny bit, I did have to break out “the mom” tone on him though.

But the line is already long and my friend gets there at 5:20 or so and the line gets longer and longer and they show no signs of letting us in and it’s now about 35 degrees (and I know this is nothing to those of you who live in other places but I’m telling you, I was getting muscle strain from the shivering and I had gloves and a coat on)

My friend asked at 6 when they were going to let us in and they said not until at least 6:30 and we had a quick, shivered conversation and ended up opting out, making plans to see it this weekend and briskly walking to Racha to get Thai and jasmine tea instead.

Even after I got home and changed into warm pajamas it took me an hour to get warm. And I realized then that I’m old and wussy and I hate to wait in the cold for anything short of Pearl Jam tickets. Even the lure of Jake and Heath together couldn’t entice me. Okay, if it had been my only chance to see it, I would have dealt, but knowing I could catch it tomorrow, I couldn’t convince myself to stay out there in the freezing cold.

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