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You know, I do love my husband so very much. He’s such a sweetie and so good to me and generally together and a great dad and he brings me home presents and all of that stuff that makes me smile to myself all day long. But once the man is asleep, that all goes out the window with the snoring. Grrr! I love him but the snoring makes me want to put a pillow over his face. And all of my children snore when they’re very tired too. Lovely.

On a brighter note, I got a FIVE star review for Second Chances at Ecataromance “Lauren Dane is and extremely talented and creative author. She has out done herself, with Second Chances. Second Chances is emotionally powerful. This story is sensually captivating, erotically pleasing but also deeply moving and emotional. It will spell bind you and endear you to its characters. If you, like me, love reading a story that is spine tingling with a shocking twist, and an ending that you could not ever imagine, then this book is a must read, you will NOT be disappointed.”

And Nannette at Joyfully Reviewed gave Triad an excellent review calling it “Explosive”: “This story has it all! There is action, drama, interesting characters, an electrifying story line and hot passionate sex. Best of all, Triad is a truly beautiful and sensual story. With Triad, Book 1 in the Witches Knot Series, Ms. Dane has written an explosive beginning to a truly enchanting series!”

Thanks, Di and Nannette!

Oh and writing – got an email from my editor, they’ve approved my series title as Cascadia Wolves but there’s a minor change to the title of the first book and it’s just “Enforcer” now instead of “the” Enforcer. Shrug. Okay, no big. Comparing the ease of this to the five month back and forth for the series title of my Charvez Witch books, this is cake and I’m quite happy.

And on the topic of Cascadia Wolves (wow, cool segue!), I’m getting into The Rebel or Rebel (although I may call it something else) now. I was talking to my husband about negotiations and as I was blathering about it all, an idea came to me about how the three characters would meet and who that third would be. At first I’d thought that one of Tracy’s men would be a vampire but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’d have to write around it instead of being able to use it. So they’re all three werewolves (yes, I know, it makes me giggle too) but there’s a nice twist and the werewolf mafia is back in this one. Hee!

I know that some writers look down their nose at us pantsers (as in seat of the pants) but I like writing this way. I like the process as this living thing that can totally change. Yeah, it’s not as organized as thorough plotting, but it works for me.

Off to get some chai. I’m going to be talking about a friend’s book that you should all read in just a bit.

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  1. Mechele Armstrong
    December 1st, 2005 at 8:56 pm · Link

    Congrats on the reviews and the series name being approved. Yay!