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Tuesday Hello

So I’m out of sugar. I could go to the market and get some but I’d have to wake the baby up, bundle her and my 4 year old up and me too and trudge up there in the dense fog and eh, I’d rather complain about it in the warmth of my house.

Writing. I am, I swear. I’m still editing WK, tweaking it and hopefully improving it. I’ve gotten into the next Cascadia Wolves book, The Rebel. This is Tracy’s story and she gets a menage. Why? Well, why not I say! Actually, this ties in some stuff I set up in The Enforcer. She gets a werewolf and a vampire. Because I’m all about sharing the love.

I made the mistake of watching television and caught part of this reality show about Danny Bonaduce. What is up with this show? I felt dirty after finally managing to change the channel. It’s worse than a normal trainwreck type of reality show. There’s some major trouble happening, substance abuse, physical and mental abuse, potential infidelity and confessed past infidelity. And all of this seems to be televised in their counseling sessions. It was disturbing and it makes me wonder about the ethics of a counselor who’d let all of that be on television. I’m all for the shaudenfraude of reality television but there are children involved here and real serious stuff like steroids and all sorts of major anger issues. Ick! Danny Partridge has big big issues.

Oh and I have won the Nigerian lottery and my penis can be larger so I can “Get the Chix!” Woo! Thank goodness for the internet. Rich and a big penis.

2 comments to “Tuesday Hello”

  1. Mechele Armstrong
    November 22nd, 2005 at 10:45 am · Link

    I like the sound of the next book. Sharing the love.

    And LOL I have won the UK lottery a couple of times. And apparently need cialis and viagra quite often. So with you on that *shakes head*.

  2. Lauren Dane
    November 22nd, 2005 at 4:27 pm · Link

    LOL! I have to mix it up a little. I’ve written some vamps, some witches, a Faerie or three and now I’m doing werewolves. This one will have a bit of everything in it.

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