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A Few Highlights

Kirra at JERR gives Second Chances FIVE stars in their October 23 newsletter! : “This is a Dominant/submissive love story with strong characters and yummy, yummy sex that readers who enjoy some kink in their love will want to read.” Three cheers for kinky love!

The new Details magazine came today with Colin Farrel on the cover. Yeah, I know. In real life I think I might want to scrub down with lysol afterwards, but in my fantasies? Oh yeah, Colin realizes that bad boy was just a dream until I get hold of him. Some men are just delightfully bad, Colin Farrel is one of them. Jude Law is another. I couldn’t write a hero as is with Colin’s attributes though, he’d have to start out Colin Farrel and then you’d discover his hidden depth of emotion. Goodness knows you wouldn’t want either of them in real life but fantasies are just fine.

My son came running into my bedroom at 5:30 am screaming and crying that he’d broken his window. My husband jumped five feet in the air. Turns out it was just a curtain rod that got pulled down. This was followed by feverish Star Wars lego battles between him and his older brother that ended with screams and tears and the intervention of their very annoyed father. This lovely tableau was completed by the wide eyed and eager to join the chaos 14 month old.

I am nearly finished with Dark Justice. I plan to be done tonight and start edits tomorrow. I havet to admit that I cried when I wrote last night. I do like very much the person that Simone is becoming. No word yet on Cascadia Wolves but despite my feeling that it’s been weeks, it’s actually been just a bit over one week since I sent it in. I am so impatient!

That’s it for now. Off to check on why the 4 year old is so quiet…

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