I’m so very coherent today! So I’m working on creating the graphics for bookmarks and bookplates. You know, the bookmarks are hardest because as I look around at different graphics I think, “too sweet” or “too scary!” (like the very cool real skeleton heads that had been x rayed). I think I found one thing and I’m gonna play around and see what I see.

Got a very good review from Trang at The Road to Romance for A Touch of Fae: “Not only is this a wonderful story of a woman discovering herself, it is a sensual delight. Con and Em are most definitely compatible in that area! Their encounters are sizzling, steamy and super-charged. Touch of Fae is another delightful, sexy story from Ms. Dane, filled with wonderful characters, suspense, love and lots of magic.”

Dark Justice is cooking along. Got another 2500 words down in a big pivotal scene last night. It left me sad after I finished.

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