Oh my naughty muse…

So last night I picked up Witches Knot and started working on it. I referred to Dark Justice for something, meaning for it to be quick and I’ve been sucked back in. I couldn’t put it down.

So, I am going to listen to her and finish Dark Justice. I’m already 40 thousand words in so I’m not too far from finishing. I was a goner really when I opened it up and saw Simone walking through the evening in New Orleans. For a few months I’ve felt hesitant to write about New Orleans but Simone coaxed me back.

So, Witches Knot will stew a bit in my brain as I finish DJ, which is actually before WK in time anyway.

What else? Hmmm, oh, my one year old has now taken to throwing herself on the ground when she can’t get her way. I’m such a bad mom because it makes me laugh. Although I do not laugh in front of her, I do still have great “court” face. My middle kiddo FINALLY potty trained and he did it in just a few days (this after a year and a half of attempts, sigh). Man, I will throw a big party when diapers are no longer a part of my life. (I know, you all thought I had such a glamorous life!)

I just read that Charlaine Harris is staring a new mystery series. I love her writing. Aside from the Southern Vampire books (which I adore) her Shakespeare Arkansas/Lili Bard books are wonderful too. I need to check the release dates for this new book.

I also need to see when Rachel Caine’s new Weather Warden book comes out. She’s another writer that I adore. I keep picking up her books and thinking, “surely this one can’t be as good as the last one” and it’s better. Same with Kim Harris in her “dead” books.

Oh, tomorrow is the last day to answer the question for week 3 in my Big Big Autumn Contest! So get on over to my website and check the “goodies” page.

I watched Laguna Beach last night. Please someone, won’t you help me before it’s too late? I think I may need to find a Twelve Step program for this shallow and yet totally addictive show.

2 comments to “Oh my naughty muse…”

  1. Anonymous
    October 19th, 2005 at 7:38 am · Link

    I see we’ve got the same tastes in reading! The new Charlaine Harris book is out (in hardback). It’s called Grave Sight. I’ve got a copy right here next to my computer, waiting for me to stop writing long enought to read it. And to get finished with the Terry Pratchet book, Thud! The fourth Weather Warden book is suppossed to release November 1 (last time I checked). You can be sure that’s a day I will schedule horseshoeing appointments in town as an excuse for going to the book store.

    Jory Strong

  2. Lauren Dane
    October 19th, 2005 at 4:53 pm · Link

    I adore those Weather Warden books and I’m so excited for this new one. I know that Rachel Caine has gone through some big time medical problems and I’m glad to see that she’s getting stuff out again.

    And yes, I love Charlaine Harris! Hardback huh? Looks over at laptop where my next book is sitting inside, 60% done and wonders where the time to read it before it comes out in paper will be I usually buy myself on treat per royalty statement, this might be it! Thanks for the head’s up.