Wow, A Very Full Platter!

I’m continually staggered at the generous way people receive my books – staggered, flattered and deeply touched. Thank you, each and every one of you who take the time to review my books and/or to write me personally, it means so much to me and it makes this all so special.

This last ten days I’ve received some truly excellent reviews for all three of my books. Novelspot reviewed Triad and A Touch of Fae

Triad – “You’ll want to make sure you’ve got the time to read Triad in one sitting; you won’t want to put it down. There are enough magical beings, witches, wizards, and vampires, running around to keep even the most rabid fan happy. The developing relationship between Lee and Aidan, and later Lee, Aidan, and Alex, is the part that kept me reading. (…)
Ms. Dane did indeed debut with a splash with Triad and I have no doubt that she’ll keep making waves.”

TOF- “Ms. Dane has proven herself yet again with this, her second book to be published by Ellora’s Cave. I highly suggest that you keep an eye on this new star. I have a feeling she’s going to be around for a long time to come.”

Joyfully Reviewed said of SC – “Second Chances by Lauren Dane is an emotionally gripping book. It will take you on a journey of love, heart-break, and redemption. Sure, there are moments where it’s painful, but anytime the heart is involved, that’s a risk. But oh my! The rewards are great! Second Chances reaches out and grabs your heart. What a beautiful love story!”

The Romance Studio gives SC FIVE hearts! “Lauren Dane’s brilliance as an author truly shines. We knew that Jude felt confused about his feelings for Rori; being possessive, protective and jealous for the first time in his life. Now the reader can feel his pain as he denies his love for Rori to himself because of the fear of changing his personal dating and life habits and loses her, only to watch her fall passionately in love with his friend and fellow Dom, Zach.

And we fall in love with Rori and Zach Helm. The passion between them is so hot and so beautiful, that I have read passages over again and again. The love and trust reflected are so skillfully done that I can almost forget they are about fictional characters.

The growth of the man, Jude, when tragedy strikes is awesomely depicted by Ms Dane. He becomes more human and more real. I just did not want the book to end because I really have learned to love Jude and Rori. Lauren Dane has given us all some really great new friends in Zach, Jude and Rori.”

A Romance Review gives a Touch of Fae four roses: “A Touch of Fae is a spectacular follow up to Triad. Wonderfully witty, sinfully sexy, and perfectly plotted—who could ask for more?”

The Best Reviews says of Second Chances: “SECOND CHANCES by Lauren Dane is totally awesome and is the perfect title because the book is filled with second chances, from when Rori first meets up with Jude and meets Zach after their breakup to when she gets together with Jude again. Ms. Dane does an awesome job with the relationship between them. Both Zach and Jude are dominant men who are looking for a sub and Rori is the person who fits into that world.
SECOND CHANCES is a BDSM story, it is also very hot and erotic and just might fry your circuits. Also be prepared to stay up late, because I didn’t go to bed until I was through. “

The Best Reviews says of A Touch of Fae: “A TOUCH OF FAE by Lauren Dane is just as good if not better then TRIAD. Con and Em sizzle from the moment they run into each other and nothing short of death will tear them apart.

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