Some New Reviews!

So this fabulous review of Second Chances just went live at Romance Junkies. I’m on vacation but I had to post this quickly…

RJ and Chrissy gives SC FIVE RIBBONS! I’m still stunned at what a great review this is!
Chrissy says: “SECOND CHANCES is a heart-wrenching tale that will have you taking leave from your own life and living victoriously through Rori, Jude, and Zack. Emotionally charged, this story will have you laughing, and crying and experiencing all the emotions depicted throughout the tale. I alternately cheered Rori’s determination not to be a doormat, pitied Jude for letting true love slip through his hands due to his own stupidity, and fell in love with Zack’s gentle demeanor and demanding bedroom antics. I was left with a beautiful impression of D/s relationships and the power of the feelings the partners would have for each other to obtain that degree of trust. Lauren Dane’s SECOND CHANCES is definitely a book you’ll want to make room on the keeper shelf for. The characters stay in your memory long after you finish reading and even now I tear up thinking of how bitterly sweet this powerfully moving story is.”

I also got news today that Fallen Angel Reviews has given A Touch of Fae FIVE Angels and made it a RECOMMENDED READ!

Contessa says: “Lauren Dane is back again with a fabulous sequel to Triad with A Touch of Fae. Readers if you liked Triad then you are in for a treat with A Touch of Fae. This story packs quite a punch in the action department. I found myself eagerly turning each page anticipating what would happen next. I took great pleasure in reading how Emily flourished into a daring and powerful witch once she discovered love with Con. Con brought out the best in Emily and he gave her confidence to become the passionate woman, from within. Con turned out to be all that Emily dreamed of and more – he was down-right sexy, powerful beyond belief and totally committed to her. What more could a girl ask for? Oh yeah, the sex was ultra-hot! The delicious sexual encounters between Emily and Con were extremely passionate, electrifying and very stimulating in nature. I am very delighted to bestow A Touch of Fae with five magnificent Angels and a Recommended Read. A+ to Ms. Dane!”

Yeah, even though the baby has been sick and we haven’t had our anniversary date yet, this has certainly brightened my day!

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