I Know You Want My Goodies


New and shiny: Yesterday we made some updates and changes at the website including adding a free Lauren Dane screensaver should you be so motivated to download it. The winners of the Loose Id scavenger hunt are up and tomorrow, at my loop at the Second Chances release party, I’m going to announce a new contest that I’ll be posting at my website later in the day.

Tomorrow is the last day for the Vixenwriter contests so if you haven’t gotten those entries in to me yet, get on it! You must be a subscriber to enter but subscription is easy and free and I won’t pelt you with stuff. You can read the last two issues at the site and the details for the contest are listed at the end of the September issue.

I’m going to be chatting tonight at Writerspace with a bunch of other fun EC authors. It starts at 5 pacific time (8 eastern) so come on by and say hello! It’s a really fun, slightly chaotic hour.

Tomorrow is the big day, Second Chances releases from Loose Id. Look for some new excerpts at my yahoo loop before you can buy it!

One comment to “I Know You Want My Goodies”

  1. Mechele Armstrong
    September 27th, 2005 at 5:00 am · Link

    You are a busy lady. *grins* Congrats on the release (when it happens…I’m a little early).