Whew! Check This Review Out!

Keely at Ecataromance laid five stars on A Touch of Fae! Thank you so much, Keely! She says in part:

A Touch of Fae by Lauren Dane is, well, astounding! I start that bouncing-in-place-in-my-chair-to-hold-in-the-excitement-and-delight at about page five and do not stop until the last page. Before you even think of cracking this one open, plan on a cover to cover read without stopping and have plenty of ice-cold liquids to drink because you are going to be entranced from the first page. The love scenes alone warrant a gallon of icy refreshment to keep you from burning to a crisp. It has been a while since a book caused me to laugh in excitement and joy until the tears run down my face; but, Ms. Dane accomplished that and more with apparent ease.

Ms. Dane has brought her characters to such skillful life that I can “see” them in the room with me as I read. Conchobar is just scrumptiously finger-licking good. (Wonder if he has a single brother that would not mind living in Mid-Western U.S.A.?) Emily is just absolutely lovable with a capital L. All the secondary characters are so real to me that I find myself longing for their stories, especially that sexy fellow faerie warrior Jayce MacTavish. The villains bring me a smile of wicked delight because they are perfectly despicable and deliciously hate-worthy; my favorite kind of villain. I fervently hope we do not have to wait long to join Ms. Dane in her world for another delicious adventure.

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