The Wicked Faerie is Coming

Hee! Only two days until you all get to meet Conchobar MacNessa, the ten thousand year old Faerie warrior and Counselor to the Queen of the Fae.

He’s tall, six and a half feet tall, with long caramel colored hair with warrior braids at the temple. Piercing eyes, rippling muscles and the tips of his ears are erogenous zones. He’s handy with his, er, sword, yeah, both of em!

When he’s sent by the Queen to keep an eye on the human who is searching for one of the Fae’s lost books he can’t help but begin to fall for her.

Em Charvez is shy and sick of living in the shadow of the outgoing, vivacious women in her family. When she embarks on her trip to London, she does it with a plan. She’s going to break free of the “shy, bookish, Em” sterotype!

And when she bumps into Con on the street neither of them will ever be the same!

Tomorrow, Sarah will be posting some excerpts at her list mom day at the EC list so keep an eye out!

On Wednesday, there’ll be a big party at my loop, we just hit 100 members so it’ll be a dual purpose celebration! Please come by for chances to win cool stuff and see some excerpts!

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