To Writhe Or Not To Writhe

In one of my sex scenes, a big, tall man is over the heroine’s body. He’s teasing her with himself, drawing out her pleasure and she writhes beneath him in anticipation.

Only my editor insists that I can’t use writhe because writhing indicates pain only. But it’s not like I haven’t seen it in sex scenes before. So she and I have been having a comments back and forth in the margins on track changes, LOL. She says something, I respond but don’t change it. She’s now asked the FLE what she thinks and suddenly, i’m seeing writhing women everywhere.

Most of the time when she suggests changes, I take her suggestions. I respect her editing, she’s excellent at her job and she gets me, that’s priceless. But sometimes, we get hung up like this and it’s sort of funny, two strong people being nice but not giving any ground.

It could be worse. If I didn’t like her or respect her, I’d view it as an attack. I’m lucky that way.

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