A Great Review for Triad!

Marina at Cupid’s Library gave it a 4 1/2 out of five on plot and pleasure and has this to say about Triad:

This is a very intense book with a tremendous love story. Amelia is basically thrown into a situation that puts her family and life in great danger, while also having to accept two different lovers who have a shared history. Aidan and Alex are two men that any woman would love to have. They are different in mood and demeanor but when they love, they love fierce. I loved how Ms Dane allowed each relationship to develop at different times during the course of the story. Aidan and Amelia’s relationship developed quite nicely and then Alex was introduced into their relationship. For me this was a nice change and brought into play Aidan’s jealousy as an issue which I was intrigued how the author would deal with. She did a fabulous job in developing the bond and love between the three that it was not the two men sharing Amelia, but rather the three sharing themselves with each other. This was a nice way to make the bond between the three that much stronger and quite believable. I am generally hesitant with ménages that involve a romantic ending because they do not generally end with the three continuing their relationship, but this story dealt quite well with this to where I felt a marriage of the three truly could work with no one feeling insecure. There are many wonderful erotic scenes between Alex, Aidan, and Amelia; some are with the three and others are with just Amelia and one of her men. It is hinted that a sexual attraction is simmering between Aidan and Alex but nothing explicit happened. This erotic story in addition to the love story also has a great story dealing with the dark magic trying to take over New Orleans and shows great forethought by the author to bring to light Alex’s family and his past. I look forward to possibly reading another story that will follow this one about Amelia’s bookworm sister, Em. Triad is truly a wonderful ménage book that shows how three people can be equal parts in a loving and nurturing relationship.

Thank you so much for such a great review, Marina!

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