New Ventures

Anya Bast, Megan Hart, Patrice Michelle and I have started a joint author’s group and for now, we’ve got a blog, Maverick Authors and in the upcoming days we’ll be getting a website up and some interesting things should follow. I’ll keep you posted. I’m very excited, I have immense respect for all three of these authors and I’m honored to be in their company.

I’ve also started to work together with Jan Springer, Nicole Austin, Dawn Madigan, JC Wilder, Nikki Soarde, Shelly Munro and Lisa Renee Jones as! We’ll be doing a joint newsletter with some really fun columns, a website that Dawn is graciously designing and some other promo type stuff. We come from some really diverse genres and I think that we’ll be able to show our readers some new stuff to fall in love with. I also have great respect for these folks as authors and people and I’m very excited.

These are two great opportunities for me to work with other authors and to reach out to new readers! More info to come.

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