Some New Reviews And A Conference

Two more reviews have come in – Romance Junkies gives Triad 4 ribbons and says “Ms. Dane has created a complex story of good and evil with strong people in a rather unconventional love story. The secondary characters play an integral role in Lee, Aiden and Alex’s personal relationship as well as the overall battle against evil. TRIAD is just the beginning and I can’t wait to read more books about the Charvez woman and the magic they weave. A wonderful first effort by Ms. Dane!”

Coffeetime Romance gives Triad 4 cups and says…”Lee, Aidan, and Alex are wonderful characters with well developed personalities. The emotional bond that develops between them is heartwarming. The sex scenes are so hot and steamy that I would not have been surprised to see smoke rise from the pages. (…) Ms. Dane has penned a terrific story that I greatly enjoyed reading. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about multi-partner relationships. Triad is a keeper!”

And this upcoming Thursday through Sunday I’ll be at a conference. I’ll be doing a reading from Triad at 6 pm on Friday evening and I’ll be part of a panel discussion about EC on Friday morning at 9. There’s a booksiging and a bunch of other fun stuff happening.

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