Another Great Review and Some General Stuff

Euro-Reviews gave Triad five flags out of five! This is so cool! Thanks Raashema for such a great review! A bit of it is here:

“Lauren Dane has created a wonderful story filled with witches, vampires, wizards, demons, angels and demigods. If you liked The Mayfair Witches by Ann Rice, you will definitely love Triad. Ms Dane has kept all of the magical suspense and has thrown in some of the hottest ménage scenes you could ever envision. She has woven a story of love, family and suspense into an erotic story of courage and unconventional love. While a city’s survival hangs in the balance, three lonely souls will have to bound together or be destroyed separately. Be advised, you will find yourself pursuing this author for a return trip to the witches of New Orleans. Let’s hope that she complies quickly because Triad was just too good to leave so quickly.”


I sent in Witches Knot to my editor on Monday and I’ve sketched out the next three books in that universe. I’ve also sent my idea for a meta series in that universe with subseries within it so I’m hoping she likes the title and the ideas I sent her yesterday.

I’m working on a book I had previously titled A Dangerous Game, but Charlene Teglia already has a book with this title (and it’s really good too!) so I have to come up with a new title. In any case it’s a werewolf story that I submitted for an anthology but it wasn’t chosen and my editor asked if I’d like to submit it as a full length novel and as I love the characters so much, I’m happy to do it!

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