This And That

Filled out all of the requisite paperwork for Loose Id and got the contract and other stuff in the mail and emailed everything else. They’re already making me feel really welcome.

Broke 60,000 words in Witches Knot last night (yay) and I am keeping up hope that it will be finished by the time I close my laptop tomorrow night.

I have really great readers and you all send me the coolest notes – thank you!

Sketched out the next several books in this series (which is now nameless again but I sent two new ideas to my editor – keep hope alive).

In all, I’m editing two books, have two coming out in the fall and am editing a third that I’m pitching in two weeks and have another that I’m putting together a pitch for – this is good. Now if I only had more hours in the day to do it all, life would be perfect (oh and if there was chocolate in the house, that would be good too)

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