Some Postive Words

So yesterday’s entry was a bit negative and I wanted to come back today with something positive. It’s release day at Ellora’s Cave. Every Wednesday there’s a crop of new books that come out. Last week was my release day and now my book is off the front page and someone else’s book is in Triad’s place.

Romance as a genre is always under attack. People say it’s shallow and stupid and poorly written. Sub genres get worse treatment. Now erotic romance is under attack – by other romance authors.

I just want to state for the record that I have been supported and encouraged by so many of my fellow authors that I can’t even count them all. From one who emailed me to tell me to add “http” in my signature line so it was a clickable link on some lists to those who’ve offered to crit my work (and have). I’ve had other authors buy my book and then were sure to tell me about it in ways that I knew they’d read it. Other authors have been my cheerleaders when I’ve gotten new books contracted and helped me improve on stuff that wasn’t. And they’ve inspired me and made me laugh and cry and angry at that girl who is trying to wreck the relationship between the H and H.

And readers – wow the readers. What a bunch of great people my readers are! So many little notes and comments that lift me and cheer me! Far from being unable to put the crack pipe down, they’re smart and discerning. They won’t buy from authors who don’t put out quality work and they will buy what they like, regardless of what anyone else says. They’re independent and intelligent and fun.

Anyway, I wanted to wash away the negativity of yesterday with something positive and most importantly, needed to be said.

Thank you,


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