Hey Everyone, Countdown to Wednesday!

Well, we’re coming down to the wire! Only three days to go and Triad is released!

I have a great List Mom day planned for Tuesday at the Ellora’s Cave Reader Chat Board. I’ve got excerpts from:

Me (of course), Nicole Austin, Anya Bast, Ashley Ladd, Delilah Devlin, Kate Hill, Charli Teglia, Jaci Burton, Jennifer Dunne, Claire Thompson, Ann Jacobs, Mackenzie McCade, Lois Bonde, Cheyenne McCray, Mardi Ballou, Katherine Kingston, Elizabeth Lapthorne, and Samantha Winston!

Loads of great prizes, including downloads from many of the above listed authors, some other fun stuff and loads of great fun!

So don’t miss it! Monday, fellow newbie, Nicole Austin is hosting the Cave for the day and she’s got a heck of a day planned too! So don’t miss it!

Wednesday at my loop I’ll have yet more prizes to give away (partly from my contest and partly just because) and we’ll make it a party for Triad and also for Di’s birthday!

So come on out and share the fun.

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