Good Wednesday Morning!

Had an absolutely fabulous day yesterday! First and most importantly, I sent my edits of Triad back to my editor. Whew. I’m relieved to be finished and frankly, I am done with the book. Seriously. I love them all, love the story, but I am done and I want it released.

Editing is work. Writing is work too, but editing feels like a job. It’s necessary and I can see how much better a book is now than it was when I submitted it in October. Between the first editor who looked at it and told me what I should fix before they’d accept it and my editor now, I’m a much better writer and I totally owe that to them so thanks Raelene and Ann, for kicking my butt.

Anyway, it’s done (for now) and soon I’ll be seeing edits for a Touch of Fae and start that process.

Another fun thing about yesterday was that the fabulous Anya Bast was the host of the Ellora’s Cave reader board and she posted an excerpt of Triad which received a lot of positive response. Got some new members at my yahoo group (welcome!) and some lovely emails as well. It’s really exciting to have people respond so well to my writing. First it helps me get past the fear that everyone will hate my book, and it gets my name out there with something concrete too.

All in all, a very good day and I even worked on Witches Knot for a while last night.

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