Something New

So I’d recently had a discussion with my wonderful EC editor about whether or not I’d be writing another book about the Charvez women and I was undecided. I like the meta world I’ve created and I like the characters but I didn’t have a story in mind like I did for A Touch of Fae.

So I’m sitting in the mom box, waiting for my oldest to get out of school and it hits me totally out of the blue. I picked up my notebook and started working it all out and I believe I’ve got the rough idea for the third book in the series. I have no idea for a title as of yet but this one will be a menage story MMF – two vampires and a witch, a Charvez who doesn’t know she’s a Charvez.

More as I go along, I just started working it all out today, building up the characters. Holly is the witch and the vamps are much younger than Aidan – Rhett and Lucas. This one is set in Seattle but they’ll be making a trip to New Orleans at some point in the book and we’ll get to revisit Lee, Aidan and Alex again, hopefully even Em and Con.

No word yet on my BDSM book. Still editing Wolf but I’m nearly done with the final edits. I have to really thank my crit partners for all of their help and the folks at my Yahoo loop who’ve read my WIP and have given me feedback and cheered me on.

2 comments to “Something New”

  1. Sam
    February 1st, 2005 at 3:50 am · Link

    Hi Lauren!
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi – I was looking through the EC bios (we had to write a new bio and I needed inspiration bacause bios and synopsises are not my thing!)
    I don’t know many of the new authors, but I wanted to take the time to say hello and I’ll be looking out for your book!
    Best wishes,
    Jennifer (Samantha Winston)

  2. Lauren Dane
    February 1st, 2005 at 10:08 am · Link

    Hi Jenny! Thanks for the comments.