This morning I climbed out of my warm bed and fought the freezing cold that resulted in icy roads and dozens of accidents in my neck of the woods. The kids were bickering and the baby was cranky. My knee is sore because I fell yesterday helping to push a car (don’t ask) and I hobble downstairs, irritable and annoyed and my husband tells me to check the email.

Big smile! There’s an email from my editor telling me they’ve accepted A Touch of Fae!! Ah yes, I’m suddenly not so cold, not so irritable and the kids come off as amusing instead of infuriating.

I don’t have much more info than the fact that they’ve accepted it. I mailed my signed contract, they will put it on a schedule once they get it and I’ll of course, talk about it here.

I’m so glad that Em and Conchobar will be getting their chance.

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