And another one …

I finally finished the last edits and polishing of A Touch of Fae and sent it to my editor. I hope she likes it, it turned out so much better than I’d originally imagined it. Now I wait and can I just say how much I hate waiting? I’m incredibly impatient.

I do have work to keep me busy though. I’m almost done with my BDSM story that I put aside for A Touch of Fae and I need to finish the novella I have to have in by 12/31. I also want to finish my contemporary vampire book to send in to Tor. I’ve got a finished werewolf, it’s my favorite book of everything I’ve ever written, but they’ve got a hell of a lot of wolfies, so I think a vampire story might have a better chance. Plus, the lead character is a woman, she’s a strong woman, a warrior, I like that.

My webpage has got some new content if you want to go and check it out – sign my guestbook, check out the very brief excerpt (18 and over only please).

I’m off to work now, enjoy your Friday.

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