I use music a lot when I’m writing, especially during sex scenes. Today I was procrastinating and decided to come up with a good soundtrack for a sex scene, or songs that ring my bell…

Long Snake Moan – PJ Harvey
Last Kiss Goodbye – Jeff Buckley – Kiss me, please kiss me, kiss me out of desire baby not consolation….
First Taste – Fiona Apple
Everybody Here Wants you – Jeff Buckley – And our eyes locked in downcast love I sit here proud Even now you’re undressed in your dreams with me (god, this one does me in every time I hear it)
Live in a Hiding Place – Idlewild
On Your Side – Pete Yorn
Closer – Trent Reznor
Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here – the whole record
Peter Gabriel’s Music Inspired by The Last Temptation of Christ
Brain of J, Footsteps, In My Tree – Pearl Jam

This is just part one, I’ll be back with more. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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