Ask Lauren Starts Now!!!

Between 9 am and 1 pm on today, Wednesday, September 21 I’ll be hosting an Ask Lauren session here at the blog and over at FB. So if you have questions, I’ll be around to answer them! (and probably give stuff away just for fun)

All you’ll need to do is ask the question in the comments and I’ll add it to the main post as I go through the day. You can ask them now and I’ll get to them first thing tomorrow if you like as well :)

Basic questions I get frequently:

Re: Metamorphosis which has gotten some questions this week: Yes, it will be available at Kobo, iBooks and BN as well as Kindle but only Kindle let me do a pre-order so it’ll be available at the others on the 26th. I’m hoping at some point BN lets me use their pre-order system but for now, it’ll be available on release day. 


Inga asks: Will we read more about Tuesday and Eza?

Not that I’ve got planned at this point. Everyone got their HEA. But you may get glimpses in future books in other series!

Lorene asks: Any more Metamorphosis books?

Yes. Next up will be Summer’s sister. This series will continue on as a self published one.

Monica asks: I’m not sure if this was asked yet (I just got home from work). How do you pick your covers? You have some awesome covers. 

I’ve been so totally fortunate when it comes to covers! Most of the time they’re done for me by the publisher after seeking some input form me as to what I might think are important things to have on them. With my self published stuff, Croco Designs does them. Frauke has been doing my graphics and design work for about ten years now and she always does a fantastic job!

Debbie asks: Do you have a favorite character of yours?

This is a hard one! They’re all my favorite as I’m writing them. But I always come back to Rowan happily. I love her attitude and her connection with Clive. I also love Polly Chase and Nina Reyes-Warden.




Ruth asks: Lauren, 2 questions: which Hurley story says a boy or girl for Mary & Damien and do you have plans for the other Warner brothers? Love your work/words :) Cheers, Ruth

Hi Ruth! No Hurley story, actually. At the end of the last Hurley book she was still pregnant.

Eventually, yes, I do want to write books for the other Warner siblings. It’s just a matter of having the actual time to write them. Right now I’m contracted or have projects to finish into the middle of next year so it won’t be for at least another few years.


Wendy asks: I am not a big fan of paranormal stories – but I love all of your erotic romance books. So I am desperately waiting for something new from the Federation or Ink and Chrome or the Brown Family. I also love the “Petal” books… could we expect something new?

My PNR is erotic, but if you’re looking for more contemporary, my Whiskey Sharp series starts at the end of February with UNRAVELED (a Seattle set contemporary romance). The Brown Family series ended in 2013 and I won’t be returning to Petal probably for a few years given scheduling and publisher stuff.


Sharon asks: I love how you mix witches with wolves, cats, etc. So I’m loving the new Diablo Lake series. I also love all your romance books. I’m a huge fan. So that said, I just wanted to know if you will be writing any more Petal, GA, books. I know you have to go with what inspires you, but there are more Cascadia Wolves and de la Vega cats that need HEAs too. Or are you having publisher/buying the rights to your book problems like other authors are having with these series?

Petal is probably out for at least another two years given my schedule and publisher stuff. Right now I don’t have the rights back to the first two books and until I do, I won’t be writing more. And, I have other stories and series to do. Cascadia and de La Vega are also in the pipeline, but again, those are older series and I’ve moved to newer stuff so when I return to de La Vega, and I will, it’ll be for Armando and Akio’s stories :)


From my Facebook page:

Debbie asks: Do you have a favorite character of yours?

This is a hard one! They’re all my favorite as I’m writing them. But I always come back to Rowan happily. I love her attitude and her connection with Clive. I also love Polly Chase and Nina Reyes-Warden.

Amanda asked: I love the Chase family. I know there aren’t anymore brothers to write about but what are the chances there will be books about the next generation, is that just wishful thinking on my part? And will there be more books in the Petal, Georgia series?

I won’t be writing any next generation stories for the Chase family. I’m done with that series, though certainly there’ll be glimpses of them over time when I return to Petal at some point.

Christine asked: Can we expect an epilogue on the Hurley’s with Mary having her baby & I’d love to see more of Paddy & Natalie. I’d love to see them married. Just finished re-reading their book today ????

Not officially, no. Epilogues are short and even when I do them for free they’re often more trouble than help because I get nothing but complaints about how they’re too short or not in print or don’t have whatever storyline a particular reader thinks needs to be addressed. Essentially, after having done free updates in the past, I’ve decided not to do them anymore because of the hassle.

Monica asks:  Any chances we will get more Brown and Hurley family books?

Yes to more Browns. There are no more single Hurleys so I’m done with them at this point.

Geraldine asks: Any word on the next Goddess with a Blade? The end of book 4 made me sad. 

Dianne also asks: Quick question. Everytime I look for an update on the next book from the Goddess with a Blade I find nothing…I did note that there was supposed to be the next book released this summer. Will the next book from this series be coming soon?
Me too! I cried and cried as I wrote it. And yes, there will be more. I usually do one per year in December or so, but this year has been…difficult. My father died unexpectedly in June which has put a lot of my work behind and on the back burner as I’m trying to help my mom from a few states away as she grieves but also has to pick up stakes and move to be closer to us. This has meant a lot of travel I hadn’t planned for and well, when your dad dies, you don’t really feel much up to writing romance. Or I didn’t for months afterward.

When there’s a delay, I promise it’s never because I just don’t care or I’ve lost interest. It’s usually something I can’t predict or get around like two years of horrible heath problems and then my dad’s sudden death.

However, Rowan will get her vengeance and there will be another two books at the very least.

Lee asks: How many Diablo Lake books are you planning?

I don’t know! However many I come up with stories for after the second one is all I can say for certain. I love the setting and the world so I’m sure I’ll be back, but as to how many books in total, I don’t know.

Beth asks:  Did Mary Hurley ever have her baby? lol  ????????????


Kristin asks: What is up for the Brown family next

At some point I’ll be writing Miles and Alexander’s books. I’ve got ideas for them. I’m hoping to write one for Rennie as well.


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