Monday, December 12th, 2016

This is a novella. It’s too short to be put into a standalone print format but may end up included with another book in the series if it goes to print.


Previously published under a different title (Reluctant – a prequel novella)

“I can’t touch you yet. Once I do, it’s over.” 

As daughter of the ruling Pack family, Layla Warden is under pressure to settle down. Find a nice wolf mate from a nice wolf family and have nice wolf babies. Layla has other plans, but when you’re a werewolf, biology trumps plans. And when Layla meets Sid, the sex is so intense, so hot, so consuming, it’s more than just a connection. It’s a mating bond.

Sid Rosario wasn’t expecting to find his mate so soon—some wolves never find theirs. Now that he’s found Layla, he’s never letting her go. But lust and desire alone aren’t enough to secure their bond. If they want this incredible happiness to last, there’s one more thing they’ll have to do…

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