Will You be Writing A Story For:

Wilhelm Ellis from the Federation Chronicles: Yes but not for a few years given my current schedule.

Damien Hurley’s brothers from Lush: Yes, those books, the Hurley Boys, released as a trilogy from HQN. Paddy’s book is first, The Best Kind of Trouble, followed by Ezra in Broken Open, and then Vaughan in Back to You.

Jonah and Levi’s brothers from Sway and Drawn Together: Yes at some point in the future it’s definitely in my plans to write books for the Warners.

Ryan Whaley (Mary and Cal’s brother from the Delicious books): Right now I don’t have a story idea for him. But if I do, I most definitely will give him his HEA.

Skye and Ryan from Cherchez Pack: The answer to this question used to be no, but as I’ve gone with a new publisher with the series, I’ll be hoping to give Skye and Phillip and Ryan their HEA 🙂