How does your Ink and Chrome Series Connect to Your Others Including Browns/Hurleys?

Brown Family:

Laid Bare (Erin Brown, Ben Copeland, Todd Keenan. Erin’s daughter Adele was killed in a tragic act of violence before she ends up with Ben and Todd. The three have son Alexander “Xander” during Inside Out).

Coming Undone (Brody Brown and Elise Sorensen. Daughter: Rennie. Martine, their youngest daughter, is born between Inside Out and Never Enough)

Inside Out (Andrew “Cope” Copeland and Ella Tipton. (d) Madelynne “Ash” (s) Fox)

Never Enough (Adrian Brown and Gillian Forrester. (s) Miles (d) Poppy)

Drawn Together (Raven Smith and Jonah Warner. Jonah’s daughter: Carrie. Adopted son Leander and daughter Tasha)



Sway (Levi Warner and Daisy Huerta)

Lush (Mary Whaley and Damien Hurley)

Tart (Juliet “Jules” Lamprey, Cal Whaley, Gideon Carter)


Hurley Boys:

Best Kind of Trouble (Natalie Clayton and Patrick “Paddy” Hurley)

Broken Open (Tuesday Eastwood and Ezra Hurley)

Back to You (Kelly and Vaughan Hurley. Maddie and Kensie (d))


Ink and Chrome:

Opening Up (Penelope “PJ” Coleman and Asa Barrons)

Falling Under (Carmela Rossi and Duke Bradshaw)

Coming Back (Jessilyn “Jessi” Franklin, Adam Gulati, Mick Rogers)

Reckless (Miles Brown and Harlow Martin)

Ignition (Pippa Hall, Hamish Wilson, Xander Copeland Keenan)


Connections between characters:

  1. Brody is the older brother (and parental figure) to his siblings Erin and Adrian.
  2. Ben and Andrew are siblings.
  3. Raven is an aunt figure in Alexander’s “Xander” life and best friends with Erin.
  4. Xander is a tattoo artist at Written On the Body, his uncle and Raven’s tattoo shop.
  5. Jonah and Levi are brothers.
  6. Gillian is close friends with Daisy, Mary and Jules and they call their friend group, Delicious.
  7. Paddy, Damien, Vaughan and Ezra are all brothers who make up the band Sweet Hollow Ranch. Ezra mainly produces and does studio work as he no longer goes out on tour. He helps run the family pear orchard.
  8. Hamish is Jessi’s adopted brother.
  9. Miles’s sister Poppy works for him as his assistant.
  10. Duke, Asa and Mick are the partners who own and operate Twisted Steel.