Sweet Charity

Eight years ago, Charity Harris finally got a taste of handsome bad boy and lifelong friend, Gabriel Bettencourt. And it had been the absolute worst one night stand of her life. He’d kept his romantic distance ever since and Charity had nearly convinced herself it didn’t matter and that it was for the best.

Gabriel has ached to take back that disastrous night eight years before when he panicked and acted like a fool. The only thing keeping him from doing it had been his attempts to figure out what he wanted in the bedroom.

One night she manages to get past his defenses and now that he’s got her in his bed, not just willing to indulge his darker urges, eager to experience more.

But Charity needs candlelight, not candle wax and he didn’t have the kind of soul she needed in a husband. Even as he lets himself fall for her all over again, he keeps his distance and tries to manage her expectations.

Except Charity can’t be managed and when Gabriel runs off to think things over on New Year’s Eve, she follows because she might be sweet, but she’s not going to let him go.

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