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“Now, I don’t have any desire to top you twenty-four hours a day. I only want your submission in the bedroom.”

Wolf Unbound

“Good. Because I don’t take orders except there.”

He smiled in a way that promised very wicked things.

“I want you to get up, remove your clothes and then lead me to your bedroom.”

Standing on somewhat shaky legs, Tegan leaned over, pulled her boots off and slid out of her skirt. The sweater followed and Ben looked her over as she stood in her bra and barely there panties.

“My God, you’re so beautiful.” His voice was smoky and hoarse, it stroked over her senses and soothed her even as it seduced.

One hand popped the catch between her breasts and her bra fell to the ground. She stepped out of her panties as she walked from the room, feeling absolutely gorgeous. He made her feel so beautiful and sexy just by looking at her.

Once in the bedroom she stood next to her bed, waiting.

He came in and dropped the duffel just next to the bedside table and walked around her body. “Let’s get warmed up, shall we?” He turned her body so that she was facing the bed and stepped away.

Moments later she heard him unzip the bag. Leaning around her, he laid several items on the bed in her view. Wrist restraints. Rope. A fuzzy-lined blindfold. A flogger and a paddle.

Standing behind her, he pressed his body against her back. “Do any of those tickle your fancy, Tegan?” His breath was warm against her ear. “I know you like the rope. I saw your face last night, heard your gasp. Did it make you wet? Imagining it against your skin?”

He leaned down and she watched his hand, wondering what he’d pick up. The wrist restraints.

“Hands behind your back, Tegan.”

With the warm honey of subspace beginning to brew within her, Tegan moved her hands, clasping them at her back.

The restraints were lined and slipped on easily. He tightened them just shy of pain. “Is that too tight?”

She shook her head.

Wolf Unbound

“Good. Now bend forward. I’ve got your wrists.”

He grabbed the restraints and helped her bend forward, her upper body against her mattress. The paddle and flogger were in her line of vision and he picked the paddle up. She took a deep breath.

The edge of the paddle drew a line down her back where she heard him twirl it in his hand just before the first crack sounded and the surface hit her square on the ass. Over and over the blows rained down, each in a different place until a warm glow covered her skin and the heat built up toward her clit with each smack.

The paddle came back to the bed beside the flogger and he leaned over and blew over the stinging skin of her ass and thighs.
She felt him go to his knees behind her, pushing her thighs wider.

“So wet. Your pussy is pink and pretty and glistening.” His thumbs pulled her labia apart and she cried out when his tongue took a long lick, dipping into her gate and then back to swirl around her clit.

Her fists clenched at her back where they were restrained and she pressed back into his mouth as he feasted on her pussy with expertise. It had been so very long since she’d felt a tongue on her pussy she’d forgotten how good it felt.

One of his hands shifted, and his thumb slid into her pussy as his middle finger stretched up to stroke over the tight pucker of her rear passage. A moan ripped from her lips.

“Please,” she gasped.

He stopped, pulling his face back and she whimpered.

“Please what, Tegan?”

“Please make me come.”


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