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Lex narrowed his eyes at her and then handed her a map. “We’re around the corner in a bungalow. The dog will have space and Megan can be nearby to keep an eye on you.”

Tri Mates

Nina smiled. She loved how sweet he was under that tough wolf exterior. “Thank you, Scooby. We should get our crap unloaded then. It’s coming up on the meeting time.”

He pulled the car around and they moved the stuff into the bungalow, fed and watered Milton and let him do a quick run.

“Go on, I’ll be up in a second,” Tracy called out. “I just want to let him run a bit more before I go.”

“You know where it’s at then?”

“Yes, Lex. You showed us on the map four times already. And I won’t be late, I promise. And no, I’m not going to change. It’s stupid. He’s going to mediate a buffer and I don’t need pantyhose for that.”

Nina shoved Lex up the walk and Megan waved back at Tracy and then moved to flank Nina.

Tracy let Milton run a few minutes more and took him back inside, made sure it was warm enough, gave him a treat and opened up the drapes so he could look outside. He liked to watch the birds and squirrels. Taking one last look in the mirror, she headed out to the conference room where they’d be meeting.

It was a nice day, crisp but unseasonably warm, and she only needed a light jacket over her T-shirt as she walked along the path. Her heart caught in her throat as she watched a man with caramel hair and a bit of salt-and-pepper at the temples walk into the building in front of her. He had on pants with a pleat so sharp it probably cut paper, expensive shoes and a wine-colored sweater. The perfect mix of formal and casual to go with the perfect haircut. Very attractive in a professorial way. Still, she had the urge to jump on him and muss him up.

The man was in charge. His very demeanor indicated he was self-assured and oh-so-very dominant. Mmm, dominant.

She laughed to herself and went in behind the man, who was quite obviously the Mediator. There was a coat rack just outside the room and she took off hers and hung it up. The room was warm enough for humans and definitely warm enough for wolves. She couldn’t resist a quick look in the window to catch her reflection. Her lipstick was still on nicely and she gave her hair a quick fingercomb and went into the room.

Nick looked up from the paperwork on the table in front of him and caught sight of the woman that had just entered the room. Shoulder-length, tousled golden-blonde curls framed her face. The sweet heart shape and pixie nose were set off by the ring in her eyebrow. Freckles dusted her cheeks and drew his eyes up past her high cheekbones to the green eyes. They were wide and glittering with hidden mischief. Her lips, stained red with shiny gloss, curved up on one corner like she had a secret.

She reached up and tucked her hair back and more piercings, running the length of her ear, showed. When she turned and waved to Lex he could see the outline of both nipples, each pierced by a ring, through the tight black T-shirt she had on. Her features seemed petite but she was long and lithe and sexy. Her legs were very nice legs, showcased by the worn and faded jeans she was wearing, but her ass was spectacular.

He should be horrified. He should be mentally sneering and looking for the woman in the Jones New York suit and the two-hundred-dollar haircut. Instead, he stood openmouthed and panting over a woman who he wouldn’t pick up hitchhiking.

Tracy nonchalantly looked for the Mediator while pretending to be all business. Waving to Lex and Nina, she did a quick sweep of the room and stopped when she saw Nick Lawrence close up.

Everything got still and quiet as her eyes were drawn to the sable black hair that she just knew was cut to perfection every six weeks. It looked soft and silky and she clenched her hands at the thought of running her fingers through it. His eyes caught hers and pulled her into their deep blue depths. His features were beautiful, almost pretty, and yet the width of his shoulders and the power hinted at in his legs overcame it. It was clear he was a man. A big, bad man who could be scary if he needed to be. He wouldn’t be the Enforcer if he wasn’t physically the strongest and most fearsome wolf in the Pack.

Tri Mates

She shivered. And then felt confused. Why on earth did that matter? She’d never been one to go after the jock type and most especially the clean-cut, corporate-suit type.

“Tracy? You ready to get started?” Lex asked, jolting her out of her thoughts.

“Uh, yes. Yes. Sorry.” She walked over to their table and sat next to him. Behind them both, Nina watched with a puzzled look on her face.

Professor Studly stepped forward and everyone stood again. “I’m Gabe Murphy, the Mediator for the National Pack. This doesn’t appear to be an overly complicated situation so I’m hoping we can cut the shit and get this thing banged out by the end of business today.”

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