Belle let the heat of the alcohol settle into her, bringing a languid fluidity to her muscles. She sighed and looked at the man in bed with her.

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“You’re really gorgeous, you know that?”

“I like it when you’ve been drinking, Belle.” He winked and she snorted.

“Whatever. You were going to tell me why you’re suddenly interested in my bases after giving me sweaters for Christmas for the last dozen years.”

He grabbed her ankle and yanked, pulling her down as he rolled on top of her. Wow, he was good.

His mouth met hers, insistent, wet and hot. It was just the two of them, no worries about someone walking into the hallway. She let go of her control and gave in, sliding her hands up his arms, over his shoulders and into his hair. Soft, so soft and cool against her skin.

Heat licked at her insides when his tongue confidently invaded her mouth. When he rolled his hips, she moved, wrapping one of her calves around his ass, opening herself to him and holding him in place.

He broke the kiss, and looked into her face. “Just making sure you’re still with me. I think about your bases a lot. I have for several years now. I told myself it was stupid to give in but you taste too good to resist. You’re here, I’m here and we’re both adults who know and like each other.”

“I’m still with you, although you’re not feeling me up or anything, which if I recall correctly, is part of the bases thing, right? And how long? God, you’ve wanted to kiss me and…” she shivered violently when he trailed fingertips up her belly, against her bare skin under her tee shirt, “…do that? You just kept it to yourself when I’ve like had the dirtiest fantasies ever about you?”

He tweaked a nipple then as he appeared to have to make a lot of effort to breathe.

“Christ, Belle, I can’t believe you just told me you had dirty fantasies about me.” He leaned down and sucked her nipple right through her tee shirt, leaving her no alternative but to hold on and enjoy it.

“I do. I did. All the time. You have no idea how good you look. Or crap, maybe you do. Should we get under the sheets?”

He laughed, breaking free of her nipple and looking at her again. “Honey, it’s killing you to muss these blankets isn’t it?”

“Well, the coverlet will get wrinkled and…oh my…” She lost her ability to think when he reached between them, into the waistband of her loose cotton pants and stroked over her pussy through her panties.

“You’re so wet and hot I can feel you through your panties.”

“Fuck the coverlet. Let me touch you! Why do you keep moving away?” she demanded.

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“First things first. No fucking tonight. I want us to be totally sober when that happens so I can take my time and make you fuck drunk instead. I will make you come though because I have to see it. I’d invite you to sleep with me tonight but I have to be up at four-thirty and you need your rest. Tomorrow night you will tell me all your naughty fantasies though.”

She blew out an exasperated sigh. “Whatever it takes to get you to let me touch you.”

He laughed and she thought he’d never looked sexier. Rolling away a moment, he pulled off his jeans and shorts while she made quick work of her clothes too. When he turned back to her he groaned.

“Belle, you’re beautiful. A glorious invitation to sin right there wrapped in velvety pale skin.” As he moved to touch her, they both gasped at the shock of pleasure from bare skin meeting bare skin.

His mouth touched every part of her. The spot just below her ear, the hollow of her throat, the sensitive skin just beneath her breasts, her nipples, the backs of her knees. All the while, his hands touched wherever his mouth didn’t.

But he wouldn’t let her do much other than receive pleasure. “No, Belle, if you touch me I won’t last. Please, let me love you.” A lock of hair fell over his forehead, obscuring his right eye.

She managed a shaky nod, needing him so ridiculously bad she couldn’t speak. However, that was nothing compared to the way it felt when he slid down, between her thighs and shouldered them wide open.

Belle watched, fascinated by the way he drew his tongue over the seam where thigh met body. He stopped, breathing her in and she knew somewhere in the back of her mind she should be embarrassed but all she felt was utterly turned on and wildly flattered by the possessive action.

And then his mouth was on her pussy and she fell back against the pillows with a gurgled gasp of pleasure. Over and over, his tongue flicked, licked and teased every inch of her pussy until she thought she’d explode.

Her nipples throbbed, her skin tingled, her toes pointed and still he drove her relentlessly higher. He devoured her with avarice, devastated her with the way he seemed to crave her cunt. No one had ever gone down on her like this.

Finally, he drew her clit between his lips, gently scraping his teeth over it while at the same time sliding three fingers into her gate. It was too much and she lost it, falling hard into an incredibly intense orgasm.

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