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“That makes me what? Your PA with benefits? It sure doesn’t make me your girlfriend.”

Sudden Desire

He stilled. “Is that what you want? To be my girlfriend?”

She exhaled in disgust. “Jesus, Trev, don’t have a stroke. I’m not trying to claim you after one sexual encounter. I’m merely using your own words and then pointing out the obvious differences between what you’re suggesting and what I am not.”

After several moments of silence, she shrugged. “I’m looking for another job, Trevor. I can’t afford to wait around. In fact, I’ve got four offers on my plate right now.” And now that he’d touched her, been inside her, there was no way she could be his PA and watch him with anyone else. She couldn’t be his bit on the side. She’d hate him and herself, too.

“Look, I came all the way up here to talk to you. Can you just give me a few days, please?”

“A few days for what? Trevor, tomorrow you have a fundraiser to attend, you’re taking Marie Jansen.”

“This is why I need you back!”

“No, this is why you need a palm pilot, as I’ve been advising you for two years to get. Anyone can tell you when your appointments are.”

“When is my next free night?”

“No, I’m not going to do this, Trevor. You’re going to have to do some of the work on your own. You want to woo me back to work for you, do it. I won’t do it for you. But I’m staying up here for the rest of the week. My mother had her vacation booked here and gave it to me. I need a vacation in a place with no phone. My days consist of lying in the sun, swimming in the very cold water, drinking too much beer and reading smutty romance novels.”

“Then I’m staying, too.”

One of her eyebrows rose. “You’re going to vacation at a remote lake in Washington state? People drink beer from the bottle here, Trev. The bathrooms don’t have heated towel bars and this place does not have room service.”

He moved to squeeze in next to her in the chair. “I don’t need room service. I’ll have all I need in bed next to me.”

She watched him warily. Four days with Trevor Ryan? All to herself to frolic with? Naked? And then she’d go back to LA and get another job and have a nice memory of a summer fling with the gorgeous actor to tell her grandchildren about someday. Well, maybe when her granddaughter was like thirty or something. In for a penny, in for a pound her mother always said. And there was the fact that her mother was the one who told him where to find Tess. Tess’ mother was no pushover. Whatever Trevor told her, it must have been pretty amazing or she’d have told him to fuck right off.

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