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Cade caught up with her in their room as she tossed a suitcase on the bed and unzipped it.


“I realize you’re worried about your sister-in-law. I’m a doctor, I know how risky it is for humans turned wolf in the first week. But I don’t share, Cade. Period. I won’t live that way. If that’s what she expects, that expectation needs to be eradicated. If that’s what you expected, you need to say so right now so I can leave.” The eyes that greeted his sparked with fury.

She might look sweet but she got right down to the point. In truth the way she’d acted with Nina flipped his switch in a major way. She truly was his mate, truly was an Alpha.

“Grace, honey, I’d kill any wolf who suggested sharing. I don’t share either. Jack got his taste but that’s it forever. You’re mine. I’m yours. You’re not going anywhere. And hell, neither is she. You handled her just fine. She’ll respect your strength and when she thinks about it, she’ll realize she’s being silly and stop being a bitch.”

“She’d better, Cade.” She paused, staying there with the bed between them. “Do you love her?”

He felt her uncertainty, her pain and could do nothing else but go to her and fall to his knees. “I love her, yes. She’s my anchor bond and my sister-in-law. More than that, she’s my friend. She’s been with me through a lot of stuff. She’s the other half of my brother. Lex and I may be at odds every now and again but he’s my best friend.” He put his arms around Grace’s waist and breathed her in.

Her body remained stiff as she processed what he’d said.

“But that wasn’t your question, was it? Do I love her romantically? Sexually? Like I love you?” He looked up into her face and she touched the side of his jaw, softly, gently. “No. At one time, I think I did. Or I thought I knew what it was to love. Partly it was the link, I’m sure Jack feels deeply for you and over time that would grow. Partly it’s because Lex and I are brothers. Our feelings for each others’ mates would be complicated by our biological link to each other. What I feel for you, Grace, nothing in the universe could have prepared me for. There’s no issue of choice, of choosing between you and anyone else. I’ve chosen. I chose the moment I saw you the first time. I don’t want you to hurt, Grace. If the idea that I would take my eyes from you for a single moment bothers you, rest assured, that’s not the case.”

She got to her knees, facing him and kissed along the line of his jaw. “Good. Now I won’t have to maim you in your sleep and start a whole new level of Clan war. I love you too, or I wouldn’t stay here and deal with this business.” She stood and held out her hand. “Now, come on, we have a house full of people to entertain.”

“I’m so going to nail you when everyone leaves.” He looked her over with a wicked grin.

“I’m counting on it.”

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