He shifted beside her and her heart kicked in her chest.


“Liv,” he said softly and it was as if another woman’s hands screwed the top of the water on and placed the bottle aside. She turned to face him and couldn’t stop a swift intake of breath when she found him so very close.

“There you are.” He smiled lazily. “You’re so damned sexy I don’t quite know where to start. But I figure the lips are the best first step.”

Surely, he moved, closing the last few inches between them. Warm, lush lips covered hers. His hand slid up her back, fingertips teasing her spine and then to her neck and into her hair. He cradled her head, holding her just how he wanted as he deepened the kiss from slow exploration to hungry plunder.

His tongue feathered the seam of her lips and flowed inside when she opened to him. Warm and sinuous, his tongue slid along hers. He kissed not so much with aggression but he knew what he was about and he didn’t hesitate with it. He took what he wanted and gave back in spades.

Liv wasn’t shy sexually, she believed very strongly that women had to be in charge of themselves and their pleasure and to demand it if necessary from a partner. But Marc needed no guidance on that score. No wonder the women on his arm always looked so happy.

He guided her back to the blanket, his upper body settling against hers. His teeth nipped her bottom lip in short succession, once, twice and then again, his tongue laved the sting away.

She slid her hands under his shirt, exploring the miles of hot, hard muscle there, loving the flex and bunch as she touched him. This was dangerous. Marc wasn’t some jovial hunk like Brody had been. This was happening at his pace although he wasn’t forcing anything, he was firmly in charge.

She normally held the sexual upper hand in the relationship. Damn, perhaps that was why Brody cheated and Matt walked away. Okay, that wasn’t something to think on right then.

Marc broke the kiss, looking into her face. “You okay? You with me?”

Breathless, she nodded and grabbed his hair, pulling his mouth back to her own.

Marc had to hold his lower body away from hers. If he touched her with his cock she might run away. No, gauging by the way she kissed back, she wouldn’t run. But he wanted to fuck her right then, press himself deep into her body and ride her until she begged him to let her come.

And it wasn’t time for that just yet. They’d make love, he had no doubt of that. But not out there. He wanted to explore her first. Take his time and make it good. He couldn’t do that right then even if the idea of being caught didn’t turn him right on.

Her lips were sweet. Made for him. She was incredibly responsive to his touch, returning his kiss with abandon. And she knew her way around a kiss. This was not some young woman waiting for him to make all the moves. Olivia was not just sexy, she was a woman who enjoyed sex, that much was obvious in her response.

He’d never actually been with a woman he could truly loose all his sexual energies with. The thought that he might be able to with Liv was alluring.

Her hands moved to the waist of his jeans and then to his fly. Sweet baby Jesus. He groaned when she grasped his cock, sliding her thumb through the slickness at the head.


“Holy shit. Liv wait.” He didn’t want her to stop but they couldn’t go at it out there.

“Why?” She looked up at him, her face colored by moonlight, a smile tipping one corner of that luscious, kiss-swollen mouth.

“Because when I fuck you, I want you spread out on my bed so I can lick and touch every damned inch of your body. Once you stroke me, I lose all sense of proportion and I don’t want the first time you make me come to be out here. I want to come in your mouth, Olivia,” he murmured and she shivered and moaned softly.

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