When will be the next book in your Cascadia Wolves series released?

I’ve finished up with the first story arc – Enforcer through Standoff. I’ve got two standalones, Reluctant which is a prequel and Fated, which comes after Standoff. In October 2009, I released Trinity, which is Jack Meyers’ story and a spin off series, de La Vega Cats set in the National Pack territory.

Unconditional is the latest book and it crosses over a few of the series set in this world. It’s the start of a whole new story arc.

Future books in this world will often see characters from the other series set in the same world.


NOTE as of May 2016: I’ve got the first several books back and the current publisher is suffering some major uncertainty, so I don’t know when I’ll be back. But I will. Eventually.  I’ve got plans in place to get new covers and blurbs for all the books and when they’re ready, I’ll get them released once more.