Are any of your books interrelated and do I have to read them in order?

I have several series:

  • Federation Chronicles – erotic futuristic from Berkley Heat. Undercover and Relentless are set in the same world but are both standalone books. Insatiable, Mesmerized and Captivated are part of a three book story arc called Phantom Corps- so each book will feed into the next with one main story (war with the Imperialists) with an HEA for each couple in each book.

  • Delicious – erotic contemporary romance from Berkley Heat. This series features a group of women who live in Bainbridge Island, each is an artist in her own way. They’re also connected with the Brown Siblings world, but will stand alone. Books are Sway (August ’12), Tart (November ’12) and Lush (April 2013)

  • Brown Family – contemporary erotic romance from Berkley Heat – Laid Bare, Coming Undone, Inside Out, Never Enough and Drawn Together are all about the same group of friends and family. While it’s not necessary to read them all in order, you get to know the group of characters more with each book.

  • Bound By Magick – paranormal romance from Berkley Sensation. This is a contemporary paranormal world filled with Others of all sorts. The series: Heart of Darkness, Chaos Burning, Going Under and Wild Darkness are all part of one meta story arc with individual HEAs for the couple in each book. You don’t need to read them in order to understand the romance, but the larger story the series builds, is written to be resolved as a whole over the four books.  Bound By Magick is set in the same world as my Cascadia Wolves and de La Vega Cats so events happen across the series in common, but from different perspectives and you’ll see many characters from those books within the BBM world but it’s not necessary to have read those other books to understand the story.

  • de La Vega Cats – paranormal erotic romance. This is a spin off series from my Cascadia Wolves set in Boston. There are significant story connections between the wolves and cats, and the first two books Trinity and Revelation ARE part of a two book story arc. Meaning that while each couple/triad gets its own HEA in each book, the story continues from Trinity into Revelation.

  • Cascadia Wolves – paranormal erotic – werewolves. These are also standalone but when dealing with details like Pack hierarchy and rules, it’s good, IMO, to read from the start to get a better feel for the universe as a whole.

  • Petal, Georgia – this is a contemporary small town romance series from Samhain. It’s a spinoff from the Chase Brothers and is set in the town of Petal. The first book, Once and Again, features Nathan Murphy, the second, Lost in You features Beth Murphy. Count on Me out in June 2014 will feature Royal Watson.  Further books will feature other members of the Murphy family and some others in town. While they are standalone, the established relationships in the book stem from the Chase Brothers books so it’s not necessary to have read them, but it’s helpful if you’d like to know who Maggie and Kyle are, etc.

  • Chase Brothers – contemporary romance – sensual. This series is about four brothers in a small town. The first two are romantic suspense and as we’re dealing with a build up of characters and events with each book that feeds into the next, I think it’s nice to read in order. However, it’s not necessary.